Staff Profiles with Mott MacDonald

What made you join Mott MacDonald?

My main attraction to Mott MacDonald was the number of high profile projects that we are involved in across the world and the range of industries that we operate in. During my studies, and whilst working for a contractor in Australia, I became aware of the excellent reputation which the company has earned. I was keen to work for an organisation that offers the opportunity to work with experts on cutting edge construction and engineering projects around the world.

The UK was only just beginning to come out of a deep recession when I completed my Masters (MSc), yet Mott MacDonald was still actively recruiting. This gave me confidence in the strength of the company brand and was testament to the high standards that has made Mott MacDonald an integral part of the project team to a range of leading clients.

My attention was initially drawn to Mott MacDonald as it has always been known as one of the best companies to work for. Regular listings in national surveys are a very reliable indication that a firm values its staff and offers a highly competitive employment and benefits package. 

The number of awards the consultancy receives is also a sign of how much professional excellence is embedded in everything it does.

Have you been involved in education or training?

When I joined Mott MacDonald I had already completed my degree and masters in Quantity Surveying, so my next step was to become a chartered member of the RICS.  Mott MacDonald places huge emphasis on encouraging development and I couldn't have been more impressed with the level of support that I have been given since joining the company.  Mott MacDonald has a well-developed mentoring structure. In fact, Ian McKie, my mentor during my APC was presented with the 'RICS Mentor of the Year 2014'. 

Mott MacDonald fosters a 'cyclical learning environment' in which more experienced staff are actively encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with younger members of staff through structured training sessions and on the job training. 

This supportive environment gives you the confidence and more importantly the capability to succeed at opportunities offered. I am delighted that with Ian's help I was able to pass my APC interview first time.

What projects have been the most interesting and why?

I work as a project quantity surveyor on a multidisciplinary framework within the Nuclear Decommissioning industry.  The most interesting aspect of my job is the variety of electrical, civil and mechanical engineering projects that I am able to be involved in simultaneously.  This particular working environment offers unique engineering challenges that require innovations and strategies that you would not find anywhere else in the world. 

I advise on contract and commercial aspects of the project, working alongside professionals from a range of disciplines, such as project managers, planners, engineers and health and safety experts.  It's really interesting to see how different disciplines collaborate to successfully deliver a project and rewarding to deliver successful outcomes for our client.

What are the best aspects of working for Mott MacDonald?

The people, interesting projects, the opportunities and the support you are given to fulfil your career goals and ambitions is fantastic.

Construction is a challenging industry and there is a lot to learn, so you need a dedicated team around you to help you grow as an individual. 

The support that I have received in my development has surpassed my expectations. Even though we’re a big company there is a real ‘family feel’ and I am never afraid to approach a senior member of staff if I need guidance. 

Of course it helps that the projects are so challenging and interesting, creating opportunities to progress. Mott MacDonald encourages secondments both in the UK and overseas so that learning and best practice can be shared between colleagues working in different sectors. 

This flexibility ensures that all individuals are able to obtain the fully rounded experience required to achieve chartered status.  Even if you are not able to get involved in certain competencies in your current office, it is always possible to transfer to another Mott MacDonald office for a period of time to develop the required skills.

My partner and I have recently had a baby. I have the flexibility to make slight adjustments to my working hours which means my work-life balance has not suffered.

Why would you recommend working for Mott MacDonald?

If you’re a graduate entering the industry, the commitment Mott MacDonald shows to mentoring and support is notable. 

The top class clients that Mott MacDonald works with and the variety of projects means it is one of the few companies that can guarantee you the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of industry.

It has an ethos of continuous improvement through innovation. If you have the personal drive to succeed then you will find a career with Mott MacDonald highly rewarding. 

To go with a competitive salary, the company also offers an excellent pension, child care vouchers, cycle to work scheme and option of health and dental care for yourself and your family.

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